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Elephant statue

A lone elephant statue, forgotten and overgrown, stands tall in the forest. So I’m in thailand. I haven’t had time to draw anything new, but I’ve been trying my hand … Continue reading

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Long Road Ahead

Well, travel is coming up and it’s been in my mind lately (we’re heading to Thailand in october for a longterm journey). So here you go. This will be me … Continue reading

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“Can’t you go any faster?”

The famous fairy tale of the Tortoise and the Hare. I like to think they became friends after the race. Now they walk around together, the tortoise happy and calm, … Continue reading

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In the Trees

Playing around with geometrics and shapes. Simple AND fun! Check this out one REDBUBBLE.

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“A desperate man walks the line between madness and reason. A desperate man cannot be controlled or contained. A desperate man deserves your respect, and your worry.” Check this out … Continue reading

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Where Giants Rest

Just a quick design, still playing with the cut-paper look and feel.  Check it out on REDBUBBLE or DBH.

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Endless Battle

When you’re built for war, death is all you know.  Check this out on REDBUBBLE.

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“He fell.”

Some men walk close to the edge and never fall. Some jump on purpose just to live a little. Some… well… some never mean to fall at all. They get … Continue reading

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Valley of the Basilisk

He’ll only have one strike. Better make it count.  Sometimes I wonder what I’d do in a situation like this… In that moment when death can be seen face to … Continue reading

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River spirit – Miyazaki inspired tee design

I’ll let you guess which movie this is inspired by. Check it out on REDBUBBLE or DBH.  

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Mountains Sea

Another simple shape, cut paper feeling piece. I like this one alot too. Looks good on a throw pillow and tote bag. Plus, the colors and simple shapes remind be of … Continue reading

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